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A simple addition with a world of possibilities

More than simple aesthetic appeal, even smaller gardens have untapped potential as extensions of your home or property.

LSR Gardening can source and install garden houses and garden sheds in Surrey, allowing you to realise the potential of your outdoor spaces. Whether you are looking to create a workshop, an outdoor office, a quiet retreat from the hustle and bustle of life or a simple space to store your tools, LSR Gardening has the knowledge and experience needed to see your project through.

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Why should you choose LSR Gardening for garden houses and garden sheds in Surrey?

  • Our collaborative approach as landscape gardeners in Surrey means we get to know you and your needs before any work is done, so we can source the shed or garden house that most suits your requirements.
  • The LSR Gardening team manages the entire process in-house, from foundation work to the finishing touches, for a smooth and hassle-free experience
  • We go the extra mile to further personalise your shed if required, installing skylights, shelving and more.





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