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Securing your boundaries from intruders and prying eyes

A well-designed and professionally installed fence serves to significantly enhance the overall aesthetic of a property, in addition to increasing security and serving as a clear delineation for where your property begins.

LSR Gardening believes in responsible sourcing, meticulous craftsmanship and an eye for details when it comes to fencing in Surrey. We seamlessly integrate your new fencing with your existing landscape, creating a cohesive outdoor space that speaks to your unique style and needs. Whether you choose classic timber or modern composite materials, your new fence will be a testament to quality.

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Why should you choose LSR Gardening for fencing in Surrey?

  • Whether you desire discretion or a clear barrier, we offer a diverse range of fencing options for your peace of mind
  • We can seamlessly integrate essential practical elements like gates and doorways to maximise the functionality of your outdoor space
  • We have an eye for detail and construction, using meticulous techniques to ensure your new fence can weather the elements and stand the test of time





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